6FC001 Corporate and Behavioral Finance

This module is from the University of Wolverhampton, highlighting the concept of corporate and behavioral finance. Corporate finance is a subfield of finance that basically deals with the concept of addressing the sources of funds, accounting, investment decisions, and capital structuring by the corporations.

What is included in this course?

The assignment includes key aspects and key fundamentals of corporate financing. In addition to the investments, the assignment also discussed financial statements, accounting, taxation, and monitoring cash flows. The module provides insight into the corporate finance department of a company by understanding how a company governs and oversees capital investment decisions and financial activities. Throughout the course, the mainstream is dealing with the day-to-day activities of cash flow and long-term financial goals.

Why should I choose this course?

Along with Corporate finance, the module also deals with behavioral finance. The assignment helps to study the effects of psychology on financial markets as well as investors. The main focus is on explaining why self-control lacks in the investors, why investors work for their own self-interest, and lastly how the decisions of the investors are based on personal biases and not facts. Through the assignment, the module helped to understand the different outcomes affected by psychological influences.


What is the focus of this course?

The module of behavioral finance focuses on five main components namely, mental accounting, hard behavior, emotional gap, anchoring, and self-attribution. Through the assignment on behavioral finance, it was found that rather than locking the amount in during a down market, the investors usually take a greater risk in hope of breaking even.The writing includes different aspects of behavioral finance such as consensus bias, familiarity tendencies, and loss aversion. The assignment is to study the influence of psychological biases on the organization. These biases are confirmation bias, experimental bias, loss aversion, familiarity bias, etc.

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6FC001 Corporate and Behavioral Finance