Business Analytics (BSc)

The module Business Analytics from the University of Southampton covers the subject areas such as marketing, finance, accounting, and business. Its UCAS Course code is N100.

What is covered in the course?

The term business analytics refers to the taking down and processing the historical data. It further involves the process of analysing the data in order to identify its root causes, patterns, and trends. The course provides sufficient knowledge and skills to the students which will help them to understand the organization as well as their customers. The assignment focused on how to use it in order to make effective business decisions. Through the assignment, various mathematical skills were also developed which are necessary to gain insights through various data sources including social media and the internet.

What does this course provide?

The course provides experience and understanding regarding industry standard analytics software such as statistical analysis systems. With the help of interdisciplinary modules, the students are able to explore their career parts including computer languages, web design, software development, etc. Writing helps to understand the fundamentals of programming and designing. The work completed in the assignment will help the student to take business decisions that will be data-driven and based on those insights. The writing focused on three types of business analytics namely prescriptive, descriptive, and predictive.

How will this course help me?

With the help of descriptive analytics, the organizations are able to know what has happened in the past, through predictive analysis the managers oversee what can happen in the future, and lastly, the prescriptive analysis is responsible to draw conclusions as to what should happen in future. The writing suggested that all these methods are important independently and they can provide excellent results when combined together. To conclude, the process of business analytics is used by organizations to apply statistical methods and technologies for analyzing the data so that they can get proper insights and can use such data to improve their decision-making. 

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Business Analytics (BSc)