BMGT3001 Brand Management

The module of the University of Worcester provides an understanding of the concept of brand management and the requirement or considerations to be a good brand manager. Brand management is a marketing function that uses techniques and strategies to increase the value of an existing brand or a product line over time. Good brand management and effective techniques help the organizations to build and retain a loyal customer base which ultimately fuels the success of the company. The assignment required the teams to perform the role of brand managers in order to implement plans and strategies for the accomplishment of the organization’s objectives by developing the image of the brand.

What is included in this course?

It is the duty of the brand manager to ensure innovation of their brand or product and also create awareness of the brand among customers. The assignment required the students to develop strategies with respect to the price, logo, packaging, design, colour, and other factors associated with the promotion of the brand. Brand management helps the companies to gain brand equity which is referred to as the value of a company gained through brand recognition.

Why should I choose this course?

The assignment helped the students to understand that brand largely influences customer engagement, management of the company, growth of the company, and the competition in the market. The success and failure of a company are largely dependent on the fact that how well the company has established the image of its brand among customers. Therefore, all the fundamental elements and dynamics of brand management are covered in the module.

What is the focus of this course?

Through the assignment, the brand value of different companies was analyzed and their role in the success of the company was also evaluated. Both the tangible as well intangible assets of a brand are managed by the brand manager to establish its value.

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BMGT3001 Brand Management