BMGT3130 Applied Economics

The Code BMGT3130 discusses the concepts of microeconomics and macroeconomics to assist in understanding applied economics which has gained insights from the economic theories, writing, and research. Thus, applied economics applies various econometrics and economic theories to particular settings. For instance, business or policy making. Applied economics is considered a focal point of everything, it is used either directly or indirectly by the people of the society.

What is included in this course?

The writing indicates, how applied economics is used in the daily lives of the people, including understanding the market trends, prices they pay, how policies are created, how business functions, and the like. Businesses use applied economics as a tool for effective business planning, analysis, and evaluation of policies. The University of Worcester has designed the content of the Code BMGT3130 to focus on the concept of applied economics to provide a deeper understanding of contemporary economics by studying the available writing and research in the form of economic theories and real-life case studies.

Why should I choose this course?

Also, the Code BMGT3130 provides a detailed evaluation of types of economic systems around the world. Where the writings on Japan’s economic miracle are the best example for understanding concepts of economics along with the system of economics. The writing available on the topic of applied economics indicates its increasing demand in studying the various policies, including fiscal, monetary, and supply-side policies. The assignment on studying and writing about the relation between applied economics and strategic decision-making of a business made the subject easier due to the writing assignment.

What is the focus of this course?

Applied economics assists businesses in better understanding the market chains, laws of demand supply, market targets, and trends, therefore the majority of the businesses use applied economics in their decision-making process. The code BMGT3130 explores the concepts of applied economics by identifying the areas where applied economics is used, including, business economics, financial economics, monetary economic, and the like. Thus, to enhance the knowledge, a writing assignment on the practical issues of applied economics as part of the curriculum is likely to help.

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BMGT3130 Applied Economics