Business Entrepreneurship (BSc)

The module Business Entrepreneurship from the University of Southampton is designed to provide both theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the field of business management. Its UCAS Course code is N102.

What is covered in the course?

Business entrepreneurship is the ability of an individual to develop, run, and organize a business organization in order to generate profits. While running the business and making profits, the individual also deals with the complex environment and uncertainties of business. The most prominent example of entrepreneurship can be seen when an individual wishes to start a new and innovative business. The assignment included the fundamentals of entrepreneurship along with analyzing the role it plays in society as well as the economy of a nation. Many practical components of the writing helped the students to develop requisite skills for the planning, promotion, and growth of the business. 

What does this course provide?

The overall purpose of the module was to build such ability and capability among the students so that they can start their own businesses, and also use their entrepreneurial thinking in an established organization.
Through the module, we learned about the different types of digital business models, digital marketing, and technological innovation in the world of business. The fundamentals of business with respect to the management and financial accounting were covered in the assignment. The assignment further provided hands-on experience to the students by enabling them to prepare different and innovative business plans and later on present these pitches to the industry experts. 

How will this course help me?

Industry placements also formed part of the module to improve the knowledge and skills in the field of business. During the course, we were also required to choose optional modules, on the basis of our areas of interest or the areas in which we wish to develop our business. Many managerial skills were developed during the assignment in the field of project management, strategic marketing, operational management, finance, and accounting.

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Business Entrepreneurship (BSc)