Finance and Financial Technology (BSc)Business Entrepreneurship (BSc)

The course Finance and Financial Technology (BSc) from the University of Southampton enable the student to explore the fundamentals of finance and financial technology. Its UCAS Course code is F99C.

What is covered in the course?

The module requires the students to conduct research and development in the sector of finance by allowing the students to gain the requisite skills to master their career paths in the future. Through the assignment, the students get the opportunity to develop in-depth knowledge and understanding of different elements of the business environment. With the help of the assignment, the students were required to apply their knowledge in the real world with the help of relevant theories of finance. As a part of the writing, we were required to visit the financial laboratory of the university to gain better insights into finance and different financial technology. 

What does this course provide?

The module provides knowledge about the basic concepts of computer programming that are necessary to become an excellent and confident user of statistical software such as Matlab, Stata, and Eviews including some more advanced machine learning software and AI techniques. The foundation and fundamentals of financial technology and the innovations made in this field were better understood with the help of the assignment. The module overall developed a high level of numeracy among the students along with the capacity for reasoning, thoughts, and analysis. Financial technology plays a very important part in modern finance and hence to prepare the students for the same, the module combines the key analytical and quantitative skills in the field of finance along with the topics related to financial technology.

How will this course help me?

The course has provided in dept knowledge and understanding with respect to crowdfunding, cryptocurrency, and peer-to-peer landing. To conclude, the module in finance and financial technology prepares the students for a career in a dynamic environment of financial technology through their research-driven and technical curriculum. 

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University of Southampton


Finance and Financial Technology (BSc)