L261 International Relations (Foundation Entry)

The course International Relations from the University of Central Lancashire is designed to provide real-world knowledge and analytical skills that help the students to prepare themselves for careers in the field of international relations.

What is included in this course?

The study of international relations examines how non-governmental and state organizations interact in areas including economics, security, and politics. The course helps the student to gain analytical skills in the discipline of international relations along with an opportunity to apply such skills to real-world examples. The foundation entry course also provides a base to develop academic skills important for higher education by focusing on topics such as social science and humanities. The course is taught by internationally renowned experts having extensive experience in fields such as security and intelligence. This course is suitable for those individuals who wish to work in any of the fields of international relations and learn about the theories and skills required in such fields.

Why should I choose this course?

With the help of assignment writing, students will get invaluable skills by taking part in the United Nations Model. The assignment writing will help the individuals to learn about traditional and non-traditional approaches to security including climate crisis, international political economy, intelligence analysis, and structures of international organizations. The course prepares the student in the field of critical thinking and discussion by providing knowledge about different world issues and current affairs in areas such as environmentalism, political system, law and justice, society and culture, etc. After completion of this course, the student can choose from different pathways in order to shape their degree such as philosophy, history, French, British politics, Korean, Asia Pacific, Chinese, etc. 

What is the focus of this course?

The language skills and political and cultural knowledge acquired during the course help the student to pursue a career in international relations. They have the opportunity to join different career roles such as senior strategy managers and HR generalists at multinational corporations or state departments.

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University of Central Lancashire


L261 International Relations (Foundation Entry)