L37X BA (Hons) Criminology (with foundation year) 

According to the assignment, this is mainly 4 years course. the particular course has been formed to bring together the practical, methodological and academic skills which are crucial for maximizing the growth of professional as well as career opportunities.

What is included in this course?

This writing also states that the particular course offers an effective insight into the system of criminal justice. Herein, the actual case works on cold cases as well as reviews of casework. As per the writing, I should choose this course because it provides me with an understanding of board range of topics that include crime and punishment, crime and the media, crimes against humanity, crime & gender and arrange crime. Also, it facilitates me the opportunities to work in HR revenue, & customs, home offices, legal firms and many more appropriate assistance roles in crime associated with work.  

Why should I choose this course?

Based on the assignment, also helps me in obtaining the competencies of accumulating information with assistance from qualitative as well as quantitative methods, interpreting & synthesizing evidence and assembling arguments, representing proof and developing findings & conclusions. As per the writing, It would help me in future as it renders opportunities for me to study abroad in the United States of America (USA). In addition to this, it provides to undertake the careers related to a broad range of criminal justice which includes police service, prison service and probation & youth work.  

What is the focus of this course?

This assignment describes that this would be helpful for me to become a British Society of criminology member.

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University of Winchester


L37X BA (Hons) Criminology (with foundation year)