L530 Youth Work & Community Practice

The course Youth Work & Community Practice from the University of Central Lancashire is designed to transform students into experienced, qualified, and employable community and youth workers.

What is included in this course?

The course is completely designed by professionals and employers in the field of youth work to ensure that students are prepared for youth work employment. During the course, students are to be taught by an experienced team that came from community practice or youth work backgrounds having experience in youth justice, international community work, leadership, child sexual exploitation, youth work, homelessness, mentoring, action research, mental health, sports development, and environmentalism. Therefore, students will have complete knowledge about what is done in youth work and community practice.

Why should I choose this course?

The assignment writing will help the students to understand the basic concept of youth work and how the same is used with young people. Students will be able to examine the attitude the society towards young people and whether these young people fit it to the society or not. Yet the assignment writing helps the student to understand about practical application and implication of youth work through legislative and policy-based drivers. The assignment writing is a great opportunity for the student as the assignment is directly linked to the journal of community research that helps the student to submit their research paper directly to a peer-reviewed Journal.

What is the focus of this course?

During the course, students will gain different awards in the field of mentoring, safeguarding, first-aid at work, writing assessments, counseling skills, and sports coaching qualifications. Students will get placement opportunities in more than 300 voluntary sector organizations. Students learn about different aspects of youth work such as sports, mental health, community practice, etc.

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University of Central Lancashire


L530 Youth Work & Community Practice