M191 Law with Criminology

The course Law and Criminology from the University of Central Lancashire is suitable for those individuals who wish to achieve knowledge in the legal field with a specific interest in the matters of criminology.

What is included in this course?

Law is the system and which rules are made by the policymakers to regulate the actions of the citizens of their country and those rules can be enforced by imposing penalties. Yet criminology on the other hand is a scientific study of criminals and crime by studying the motivation behind the criminal behavior of an individual. The course contains certain modules with respect to crimes such as crime and morality, criminal law, contract law, English and EU legal systems, professional skills and employability, and three approaches to criminology. The course helps the student to explore the idea of crime in theoretical, moral, and political concepts by using alternative methodologies, standpoints, and approaches.

Why should I choose this course?

After completion of this course, students have many development opportunities in the field of law. The court provides many other opportunities such as participating in mood competitions, undertaking work placements, attending summer schools, and mini pupilages. The course provides academic training to the students required in the legal industry. The assignment writing helps the individuals to identify key theorists in the field of criminology and critically analyze their theories, practices, and ideas about a respective approach. The assignment writing helps individuals to explore different concepts of criminal responsibility with respect to specific defenses and offenses. 

What is the focus of this course?

During the course, students gain knowledge about different current legal issues and issues related to criminology. The assignment writing requires them to participate in debates on topics such as the role of police, social control, and criminal justice.

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University of Central Lancashire


M191 Law with Criminology