L611 Criminology (BSc)

The course Criminology from the University of Southampton covers various topics of the criminal justice system and criminology such as victimization, criminal behavior, the reaction of society, the socio-legal context of crime, and the future of social control, etc. The assignment writing will help to acquire practical as well as theoretical knowledge about the field of criminology and the criminal justice system. 

What is included in this course?

Crime, Justice, and Security are the most fascinating and prevalent topics for people, media, society, and culture. Criminology is a scientific study done to study the behavior, nature, and motivation of criminals behind committing a crime. The assignment writing will help the students to explore the pattern and origin of criminality, the working of the criminal justice system, and the reasons for committing a crime. The students are also able to understand minor subjects such as psychology, victimology, etc.

Why should I choose this course?

During the course, the students get the chance to examine different types of cyber and international crime. The assignment writing will help to underpin different modules of criminology along with up-to-date research. The course enables the students to understand and analyze the criminal behavior of an individual and work with specialists in the criminal justice system. The course is most suitable for those individuals who wish to make a difference in society as the University provides Social Impact Lab.

What is the focus of this course?

This course will help individuals to explore the nature of different types of crime and how punishment changes with time in different parts of the world. The degree will help the students to conduct further research and adopt career opportunities in public services, criminal justice, etc. The course provides an option to choose special modules from other disciplines in order to help the students to unlock different career options.

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University of Southampton


L611 Criminology (BSc)