MA In Leadership

Teesside university’s Students will be able to learn specialized skills and required support to learn about leadership and management. University’s specialized staff helps the student learn about their leadership style and supports them to develop their own leadership style through developing an in-depth understanding of the various leadership styles. Teesside university’s this course is designed with practical training and assignment to develop students’ personal capacity to lead the organization.

What is included in this course?

This course at Teesside university will provide the student with skills and awareness related to leadership and management in the organization. Teesside university’s this postgraduate course offers a standout opportunity for its student through developing a higher level of skill, and knowledge and expand their network through practical training in a real working environment. Teesside university provides students with a unique learning experience throughout their degree as the university has the first adobe creative campus helping the student develop their creative digital skills.

Why should I choose this course?

This course at the Teesside university is focused on imparting the skill required to lead the workforce in an organization in the complex ever-changing business environment. Teesside university’s MA in leadership is a post graduates full time as well as par timely available degree of one year in case full time and of two years in case of part-time course. This course is provided at a fee of £6100 a year for a full-time course while £680 for every 20 credits in case of a part-time course. Not only business organization student can also make their career as school principals, health sector managers, and in the hotel industry. 

What is the focus of this course?

This master’s degree in the field of leadership will offer students the opportunity to make a career as c- level executives, human resource managers, health service managers, sales managers, and other professionals in business organizations dealing with management and leadership.

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Teesside University


MA In Leadership