Master Of Business Administration

Teesside university’s this degree is a comprehensive course that helps in developing skills and knowledge about dynamic business environments among participants. This course is focused on providing valuable understanding and skill set to the student to develop their strategic leadership skills and managerial expertise development. This course of Teesside university is available in both formats full-time and part-time, under the faculty of business management and enterprise. Course address the highly demanded professional knowledge of business administration management and application of advanced skill in management.

What is included in this course?

Teesside university’s master of business administration helps students in learning a diverse range of modules enhancing their learning about the diverse area of management and business administration. Modules like current issues in business society, global strategy to cater to challenges and choices, sustainable organization and entrepreneurial leadership, etc. help participants have diverse knowledge about the management of the business and administration-related skills and understanding.

Why should I choose this course?

The student will learn the skills and knowledge to develop solutions to strategic challenges faced by the organization in the global business environment. Through undertaking international projects and learning practical knowledge students learn to apply the learned knowledge in to live business challenges. Teesside university focus on providing student application-focused learning and development leadership abilities to cater to the demand of a globalized business environment. 

What is the focus of this course?

Teesside university’s this degree is accredited by charted management institute (CMI) making the student eligible for a CMI level 7 diploma in strategic management and leadership. This degree from Teesside university place emphasis on learning business administration in the global context. Teesside university this course provides the student with career opportunities as an Account manager, Marketing manager, project manager, human resource manager and IT service marketing head, etc. Participants after completion of an MBA from Teesside university can opt for a choice out of a wide range of career opportunities available. 

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Master Of Business Administration