MH10 Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching

The course Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching from the University of Central Lancashire enables the students to develop various skills that they need to pursue a successful career as a well-being coach.

What is included in this course?

The course helps the student to engage in lifelong learning activities by developing their values of research in the field of mental health. During the course, students develop an understanding with respect to many contemporary issues in well-being coaching. Good models are taught by experienced lecturers who are willing to provide training and support the journey of an individual towards becoming a well-being coach. During the course, students will be introduced to evidence-based coaching models that help them to understand the concept of well-being and mental health more efficiently. The placements during the course also help the individuals to practice their skills and develop a portfolio containing their experiences.

Why should I choose this course?

This course is best suited to those individuals who wish to help others in an incredible manner. The study of well-being coaching and mental health will help individuals to channel such wishes. the students will get a complete professional assessment document that will demonstrate the clinical hours. Hence students can make a change in society by helping people with their knowledge in the field of mental health and well-being. During the course, students get in touch with many individuals by providing them with therapies and coaching Ye with respect to mental health issues. Therefore, this course helps an individual to develop the knowledge and skills they require to pursue a career as a qualified well-being coach.

What is the focus of this course?

The assignment writing requires the students to examine different issues in the field of mental health and well-being by focusing on social prescribing and public mental health issues. During the course, students can check their progress with respect to coaching pathways and undertake different placements. The assignment writing helps the individuals to become qualified well-being coaches.

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MH10 Mental Health & Wellbeing Coaching