N102 Business Entrepreneurship (BSc)

The course of Business Entrepreneurship from the University of Southampton educates the student about business management by focusing on entrepreneurship skills and the role of an entrepreneur in the overall economy and society of our nation. The assignments made during the module develop the ability of an individual to start their own business or use their Intrapreneurial thinking in an existing organization.

What is included in this course?

The practical components of the course provide a variety of skills to finance, promote, plan, and grow a business venture in different ways. Entrepreneurship is the ability of an individual to plan, develop, and organize a business enterprise with the purpose of running that business with or without any uncertainties and for profit. The course covers various aspects of business management such as project management, accounting, finance, marketing, strategic marketing, and operational management.

Why should I choose this course?

The module designed in this course has a practical focus that will help the students to refine their business ideas and develop transferable skills that they must acquire in order to achieve their career goals. In the future, the students will be able to use the concept of business and management in the practical world and also explore business from an interdisciplinary perspective. The fundamentals of business such as management and financial accounting are also learned during the course. 

What is the focus of this course?

During the course, the students learn about different business models, digital marketing, and technology innovation in the business industry. After completing the assignments, the student will be able to prepare business plans and present pitches to the export industry. The interdisciplinary modules will help to learn practical skills such as web design and programming which is very essential in the current digital world. The students can join different fields of business such as business analytics, management accounting, financial accounting, operational management, strategic management, etc. Lastly, the ideas and technologies developed during the module will help the students to shape the business world.

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University of Southampton


N102 Business Entrepreneurship (BSc)