N411 Accounting & Business (Foundation Entry)

The course Accounting and Business from the University of Central Lancashire provides an opportunity for the students to gain in-depth knowledge of accounting concepts and principles along with various aspects of the business environment.

What is included in this course?

The course includes various subjects that are fundamental to understanding the financial position of a business organization. The course helps to develop insights into business and accounting methods. The course converts theory into practical scenarios that help the students to undergo additional placement of 48 weeks in the UK. The course includes various subjects that are helpful for an organization to work in a business enterprise in fields such as management, operations, business development, marketing, etc. It covers various topics of financial management that help an individual to develop strategies and make decisions for the business. 

Why should I choose this course?

The course will help the individuals to specialize in two disciplines at the same time which will help them to explore different career opportunities and a high range of transferable skills. A good understanding of accounting and business will help individuals to pursue a financial career in the accounting profession, commerce, or industry. The course will help individuals to understand their challenges and limitations by focusing on financial information while making decisions. The course will help them to acknowledge the subjectivity and flexibility which is needed in every organization. The assignment writing will provide broad and dynamic discipline to the individuals. 

What is the focus of this course?

The course will provide the necessary skills to interpret financial information and make management decisions accordingly. The assignment writing will help the students to gain valuable insights with respect to the nature of the accounting process and the application of varied accounting principles in the business organization. The assignment writing also enabled the students to understand how to use tangible as well as intangible resources along with the available information while making deployment of these resources. 

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University of Central Lancashire


N411 Accounting & Business (Foundation Entry)