NN16 Business Administration (Top Up)

The course Business Administration from the University of Central Lancashire is designed to accelerate the development of an individual as a leader or manager. Business administration includes different roles, opportunities, and professional settings in order to achieve growth for an organization.

What is included in this course?

The course includes elements that would help individuals to become excellent managers and a business organization. The assignment writing will help the student to acquire skills and competencies that can help them resolve problems in the changing business environment. The course includes subjects such as business strategy, business operations, business ethics and sustainability, accounting, insights into business functions, etc. The course provides knowledge regarding background in business analysis, strategy development, and strategic decision-making.

Why should I choose this course?

During the course, the students are able to make policies and strategies for the growth of a business. The assignment writing helps the individuals to understand how such strategies are developed and why these strategies are linked with the nature, success, and structure of a business organization. The course also includes SAP skills which are in great demand in many business organizations. The module provides knowledge about business and corporate ethics and how ethical principles are applied by organizations in their economic and non-economic behavior.

What is the focus of this course?

Assignment writing also helps individuals to gain practical experience by using SAGE accounting software and develop their accounting skills. Having a strong foundation and business practices along with skills and experience can help an individual to achieve growth in a business organization. The students can acquire many jobs such as interfacing with customers, crunching numbers, or solving problems. The students can also pursue roles of sales manager, IT project manager, business analyst, product manager, etc.

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University of Central Lancashire


NN16 Business Administration (Top Up)