NN34 BA (Hons.) Accounting and Finance

As per the writing, this is course is whole about developing a systematic acknowledgement of recent problems in accounting for meeting the requirements of the internationalized profession in the 21st Century. This assignment is also helpful in applying its advanced knowledge to scenarios of the actual business. 

What is included in this course?

This writing is also about receiving exemptions from chosen professional assessments of the key accounting institutes that depend upon module studied preferences. According to the assignment, I choose this course because an accountant is indispensable to all businesses. Also without them, a firm might not understand whether this was depending on profitability or losses. Along with this writing, it is one of the largely rewarded as well as highly helpful programs that improve my technical understandings and professional competencies as well as have been formed for providing them with a systematized acknowledgement of present problems in accounting.

Why should I choose this course?

Based on the writing, from this course, I would learn how to develop the information of accounting as well as deploy strategic advice. In addition to this, by particular assignment, I would also learn and develop a range of transferable as well as professional practice competencies which are highly prized by employers. This writing also involves vital assessment, problem resolving and self-guidance, and sound effective evaluations, negotiation, and presentation techniques. As per the assignment, this would be helpful for me in the future in studying in the United States of America (USA). Along with this, particular writing also provides the profession of accountants.  

What is the focus of this course?

Also, it is represented as business advisors as well as facilitating strategic monetary guidance towards senior executives. This course is also helpful in gaining practical competencies as well as main contacts during a work placement at the time of graduating into 3 years. 

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University of Winchester


NN34 BA (Hons.) Accounting and Finance