Nursing (Top Up)

The course Nursing from the University of Central Lancashire allows the students to understand the contribution of nurses in the wider health, local, and global social care institutions.

What is included in this course?

This course is best suited for those individuals who want to acquire training to apply for the NMC exam. This course allows the student to understand the contribution of nurses to the global, local, and White social and healthcare agendas. The team of experts provides personal support to the students in terms of all aspects of living such as academic study support, accessing healthcare, and faith. The course includes modules such as clinical concepts in nursing practice, valued research, influencing and promoting health, policy, practice, and professionalism in nursing, and developing leadership skills. Yet these modules build knowledge among the individuals with relevance and evidence with respect to the development of clinical practice.

Why should I choose this course?

The assignment writing helps individuals to explore the concept of leadership in the healthcare industry. They also get to develop a certain set of leadership skills in order to meet the future and current demands of complex healthcare organizations. Students explore different issues, innovations, and dilemmas in health education and promotion during the course. Assignment writing hell is to develop skills that influence the health of an individual in different ways. Students are encouraged to review activities that promote health by understanding how these are communicated. Yet the students are prepared to develop a critical perspective about the role of nurses in healthcare staff while providing relevant care to local communities, patients, and their families.

What is the focus of this course?

The course equips the student with the requisite knowledge and skills to clear the NMC exam for international nurses who wish to register themselves as a qualified nurse in the UK. Along with this the course also helps the student to acquire further academy qualifications. Yet the aim of this course is to provide and prepare the students with enough opportunities so that they can achieve nursing practice, skills, and values that also meet the standard of proficiency.

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University of Central Lancashire


Nursing (Top Up)