Sustainable Innovation MSc

Teesside university’s this course is available in full-time and part-time courses under the business management and enterprise department. This course provides the student with an understanding of new economic patterns and the movement of goods and various trade barriers in the globalized world. MSc in sustainable innovation provides the participant with knowledge of economic, climate change, and trade barriers of the global business environment. This course is available in the format of full-time and part-time courses under the department of business management and enterprise at the Teesside university.

What is included in this course?

Teesside university’s this course provides the participant with professional learning of the sustainability and innovation related to sustainability in the operation of business organizations. As Green economy is the vision of all-globalized business organizations. various government around the world have fixed their target to go carbon neutral by 2050. Skilled management of sustainable innovation is required to develop new products and development of the operational management of the organization in line with sustainability.

Why should I choose this course?

Teesside university’s MSc in sustainability innovation help participant improve their critical thinking, skill management, teamwork, communication, and project management abilities. MSc in sustainability innovation at Teesside university open ups various opportunities for the participants in their careers. As it provides participants with distinct qualifications and knowledge related to key business issues. The participant can make their career as sustainability managers and innovation managers in international and national organizations.

What is the focus of this course?

Teesside university’s this program helps the participant understand sustainability and develop innovative skills for the improvement of organizational operations according to sustainability targets. The participant will learn the practical application of their learnings through internship and guest lectures from experts from the industry.

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Sustainable innovation MSc