X305 BA (Hons) Childhood Studies

According to the assignment, this course concentrates on the development of children from conception to 8 years. In addition to this, the particular is mainly for the 3 years for full-time pursuing students and 6 years for part times students.

What is included in this course?

Based on the writing, the particular course is for those students who are passionate about performing with children as well as their families and concurrence effectiveness towards the emotional and social development of children and also their mental health. Based on the writing, the main feature of the particular course is its focus on equipping students for higher quality activities. The particular subject-related assignment provides me with opportunities for related theory to practice appropriately. 

Why should I choose this course?

Herein, there is development for practices into year 1 as well as placements into 2 & 3 years into early year setting as well as reception classes within primary schools. As per the assignment, I would be able to learn critical as well as independent learning, progressively developing specialists and confidence through collaborative and independent study, problem resolving and evaluation with the assistance of employees. The assistance of the particular course-related assignment also helps me to gain opportunities to study aboard.

What is the focus of this course?

According to the writing, this would help me in obtaining various opportunities by performing the roles such as Early years teaching, early years managers or practitioners, teaching assistants, primary teaching and other allied professions work along with families and children.

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University of Winchester


X305 BA (Hons) Childhood Studies