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MBA Management of Business Administration

The University of East London is considered one of the well-known and career-first universities. Moreover, they are mainly focused to prepare their students for future jobs as well as have been performing effectively for around 124 years. The assignment represents that it facilitates several postgraduate courses but among those both MBA and MA are undertaken as effective learning courses. In addition to this, the particular assignment also highlights the key overview of all MBA and MA courses provided by them.

MBA Management of business administration

MBA  (Management of business administration) is undertaken to be a contemporary, practical and dynamic course that is designed for producing future leaders of business.

What is this course about according to the writing?

Based on the writing, this course is all about developing a career professionally in the management field by improving various managerial and business skills.  Also as per the assignment, this course related to gaining knowledge through different disciplines which are included in the course such as operations, managing strategy, and others.

What will I learn in this course as per the writing?

As per the writing, in this course, I will learn about the six core modules that include different disciplines such as managing financial and HR for sustainable business, managing strategy, business simulation with professional development, operations, and others. This assignment represents that I would be able to learn much about myself as well as form a broad range of competencies and qualities.

How will it help students in their future according to the assignment?

This assignment would provide an understanding of how the particular course is helpful for the student in the future. As they teach us about the application of theory that can be used in practical aspects. In this writing, they also help students in making the report, plans, and presentations for solving complex problems related to the business by using real case studies from its business partners.

As per the assignment, what is the different career scope for students while studying this course?

As per the assignment, the career scope for students while studying this course is that in the future they can work as a business consultancy, senior management, and assistant manager within a different industry. This writing also states that the students can set up their own business as the respective course would motivate them, effective connections and competencies to attain it.

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